• Julius "Sam" Hines

Fall 2019 Maritime and Trade Law Class

This Fall, I will again be teaching a course on international trade and maritime law at the Charleston School of Law in Charleston, South Carolina. The formal title of the class is "International Trade and Carriage of Goods." The concept of the class is to integrate maritime law, a subject often studied in isolation, with other areas of law bearing on international trade in goods. For example, we will study the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, an international analog to Article Two of the Uniform Commercial Code. Bills of lading will be studied both from the standpoint of maritime law (which usually applies to loss or damage to goods in the course of ocean transit) and commercial law, which governs the negotiation and transfer of such instruments in international trade. The course also examines means of payment, starting with the traditional bill of exchange and moving to bank letters of credit and modern funds transfers. The objective is to understand the main legal aspects of a typical international transaction in goods, including terms of sale, delivery (including the role of an ocean carrier) and payment.

Although a course in admiralty is helpful, it is not required as we will compare and contrast maritime and non-maritime commercial law throughout the course.

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